A professionally managed organisation in the field of ‘Speciality Solutions and Applications for Construction Industry’


The dictionary meaning of Weatherblazer is - “a person who makes a new track through wild country” or “a person who is the first to do something; an innovator.

As the name suggests, Weatherblazer Incorporation is an innovative idea converted into reality and a professionally managed company in the field of whether proofing and speciality flooring solutions for the constructions industry. Our solutions help in protecting every possible substrate in construction industry from the ill effects of weather. We are one of its kind companies in India, though in nascent age, to provide end to end solutions for pre and post construction stages and we work closely with Architects, PMCs, Structural Engineers, Construction companies and help in enhancing the life of the buildings and add value to it.

We are having an infrastructure with full fledged, easy to reach offices in Nagpur, Chandigarh, operating in MP & Chhattisgarh along with Maharashtra, well managed operations, a devoted team of young and enthusiastic professional top management and trained staff with a friendly work environment to nurture the professional development, which believes in teamwork & always adaptable to new ideas.


To be the leading solutions provider in India by offering the best of services and not only being financially profitable, but extremely rewarding in the positive results created for the customers, stakeholders and employees.


Weatherblazer INCORPORATION is a pioneer in the weatherproofing applications for the constructions industry with its unique, eco friendly and pocket friendly end to end solutions with the latest technologies and systems from the world.

Unique treatments with enormous promise, adaptable and versatile, Weatherblazer Applications are done with a family of polymers made from the products of nature – silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen and minerals.

We provide complete solutions with the professional systems for waterproofing/weatherproofing along with the material and the application under one roof which enable us to take the complete responsibility of the project.

Our all systems are based on the formulations provided by our principals from Germany and the products adhere to the ASTM standards.

All our systems/ applications are based on Green construction and try to put the minimal load on the structures and the infrastructure.

In waterproofing applications, we are especially known for providing the solutions to the leakages problems without major breaking/ dismantling in the structures and this is possible because all our systems are UV Rays resistant and are mode for open to sky applications.

We provide warranty for the whole system including the material and the workmanship